There is a big misunderstanding in the industry, and we are going to correct it .

Many people think when they get started in a home based business that they are going to be hand held and told what to do each day.  That is not the definition of Motor Club of America, that’s what we all call a J-O-B. The reasons people get started in home based businesses vary. But one thing is clear, no one signed up to have another boss tell them what to do. You are going to be responsible for your own actions... after all you are running your very own business. This may be a little bit scary, but you will find that it’s quite exciting – and you are not in this by yourself.

So let’s clarify what your sponsor’s responsibilities are:

To support you.
By support we do not mean ordering you around. You are surrounded by people who are like minded, and you will find comfort in this. You will have just enough support to know you are not alone, but not enough to feel like you’re at a job. There is a fine balance.

To guide you.
Your sponsor should welcome you to the team, and offer you initial advice and assistance on getting started with your business.

Your Sponsor is not there so you can:
Tell pity stories.
Spend hours with you – this can happen but it’s not a requirement – yet some people think it is.
Run your business for you.
Call and check up on you every day.
Hand-hold you.

Your responsibilities include:
Consistently plugging into the extensive systems & websites we have in place.
Continuously be working on yourself.
Continuously be learning.
Take reasonable advice when it’s given to you from your sponsor.
Contacting your sponsor if you require assistance.

Some other tips you’ll find helpful:
When you ask for help with something, thank the person who volunteered their time to help you out,
You should be grateful for what you have your hands on – and you should be grateful to be working with such a powerful program and a powerful team,
If you call or email and do not get an answer right away, you must take the action to get the answers you need.

Some common courtesy guidelines in business to create a long lasting business relationship:
Get to the point quickly during phone conversations.
Respect each others time and their time off.
Be polite, even if you are frustrated.
Be excited when you hear about people’s successes, not jealous. Remember, you have the same potential. If you are jealous you are closing off your own prosperity! Your goal is to market as much as you can on a consistent DAILY basis. Remember – it’s a numbers game. The more you market, the more money you will make.

It’s as pure and simple as it gets.

More importantly, always remember that response rates (and conversion rates) to any marketing campaign (offline & online) can and will vary from one day/week to the next, you will not experience the exact same response rate, conversion rate or profitability from any 2 campaigns.
I trust you’ll take all of the above points into account… and wish you great success and great long term residual profits with MCA over the months and years ahead.



Tip # 1.
Here is the most important thing…
Treat this Business like a Business.
Don’t treat it like a hobby or a play thing! Take it seriously! The income you can earn is very serious. The changes you can make for your family are serious changes. You can become debt free! You can pay off your mortgage! You can provide the very best for your loved ones. You can build a legacy for your family! And in order to do all that, you need to be passionate about YOUR business.
Walt Disney built a empire and had fun doing it. He worked his dream and would not be deterred!

Tip # 2.
Stay focused.
Even your sponsor may be all over the place. Flying into one opportunity after another, back and forth always looking for the pot of gold over the rainbow. Never staying in one place long enough to gain success. Most people in networking do this, they keep jumping from company to company hoping to hit it big somewhere. Of course they never do. They just spend hundreds, even thousands starting a business and never follow through! Stay focused! The grass is always greener somewhere else, especially in the beginning!
After years of networking and our months and months of research we have determined that the “grass is greener” right here! Stick around for awhile and you will see why. Make a pledge to yourself that you have
found a home! That this is the last network you’ll ever build!
The Big Earners stay with One Company! Learn from their example!

Tip # 3.
Make a commitment to invest in YOUR Business.
Invest your Time. Invest your Energy. Invest your Money and Resources! And Continue To Do So! Understand this is just like any other business you would start. The rewards can be so much greater than anything else you could do. You need to water a garden to help it grow. You need to advertise your business to help it grow! You can do it through word of mouth or advertising, offline or online marketing. We suggest that you do it all.
Commit that you will continue to invest in your business!

Tip # 4.
There is Always a Way!
Whatever your situation, you can do this! Find a way! There is always a way! Some people are BROKE when they start but they find a way to borrow the funds to do what we needed to do. Let’s face it if you are an adult (and I assume you are) and you don’t have the money to grow your business, you need some major changes in your life. Because what you have been
doing has left you in a position that you don’t have a couple of dollars to launch YOUR business. STOP what you are doing! It is not working!
Anything you have ever really wanted in your life, if you really wanted it and worked to get it, I’ll bet you got it! You CAN find a way to make this happen!

Tip # 5.
The Heavy chains of worry are heaviest in idle moments . . . get busy!
For things to get better you need to get better. For things to change you need to change.
Emulate a leader: Think of someone successful, ask yourself, “What would he do,well why don’t I just do that?” And then just do it!
Continue to believe in yourself, you can do this!

Tip # 6.
Don’t look at your upline . . . look in the mirror.
It is not the company, the system or the upline. It is working for thousands of others, ask yourself, “What else can I be doing?” Read motivating books! Commit to work on yourself, get better and better!

Tip # 7.
Get in the game!
Always look to move up. Be a LEADER! Review Your websites. Follow up with your prospects. Keep plugging in, 2-3 times a week, it will recharge your batteries. Listen and learn, the more you learn, the more you will earn.
Determine to be a LEADER!

Tip # 8.
Take ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION for the next 30 . . .
60 . . . 90 days!
You are having a GRAND OPENING for your business. Have EVERYONE come and look! You want hundreds of people to visit your site in your first couple of weeks in business. Commit to do what ever it takes to make this happen!
All Out Massive Action! Let the WORLD know you have a business opportunity for them to look at. Leverage the Power of the Internet to Grow your Business!
Put the blinders on for 90 days and take ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION!
90 DAYS Minimum!

Tip # 9.
Listen to your upline. They want you to succeed.
Duplicate success! Follow the Leader! In the same vain DO NOT listen to NEGATIVE people, they will try and suck the life out of you. Hang with successful people and you become successful, hang out with losers and you’ll be a loser too.
Make the commitment to listen to positive people and avoid negative influences.

Tip # 10.
Do the Basics over and over.
Expose Your Business! Drive traffic to your site DAILY!
Follow up with people who visit more than once.
Introduce prospects and new members to your upline (3-way call).
Make sure your new members are duplicating the System.
Use the 10 tips daily and watch your success SOAR!

Commit To Making At Least 1 Referral Every 24-72 Hrs!

Before reading on, or even getting started, commit to yourself that you will stick with this until you have made at least 1-2 referrals every few days. You should be able to do this very easily with the information that is provided.

Now all you have to do is help others do what you did. You have the best opportunity you could possibly have.
It all starts with finding ONE who finds ONE.. This could be months but it could also be weeks or days the choice is yours.
We hope you will take advantage of being at the “right place at the right time” and explode your business by helping others. There is no better reward than helping others to succeed.

The number #1 tip I can share with you is,  JUST DO IT!!
If you have questions, let your upline know!