Prospect: Hello?
You: Hi, is prospects first name there?
Prospect: Yes, this is prospects first name.
You: Hi prospects first name, this is your full name calling from your state. Listen, I’m getting back to you because you requested information from me about starting your own business and I wanted to find out is that still correct?

Prospect Answers with

Yes: Ok. So am I catching you at a good time for me to chat with you for a couple of minutes?

No: Ok. Before I let you go prospects first name, you mind if I asked you a simple question? Are you saying that you’re really not looking to create additional cash-flow in your life? I mean, if you knew that you can earn a few hundred extra dollars a month working part-time, and you were absolutely convinced you can create a substantial level of income, you wouldn’t at least be curious as to what it involve?

Maybe: prospects first name, I’m only looking for people that can answer yes to that question. Are you looking to make money from home, yes or no?

If they say no, hang up!! Move on to the next person. If they say yes, continue.

You: Ok I’m going to ask you a couple of quick questions, is that alright with you? Prospect: Sure.