Free Phone Script & Skills

In this video, I explained how to take phone by using word doc scripts.

It is easy to ceate your own script by adding some valuble content in that doc file.

Then you can print it out and read though-out the script to your prospect.



Oddly, people frown upon talking on the phone. Closing deals over the phone has boosted my sales by 10 times...and the big guys in this game USE THE PHONE (and you don't even know it)

Here's a step by step on what you should do (from MY experience, not theory) on gaining your client's trust and joining with confidence (this is assuming your image looks legit, clean, and classy - if not, FIX IT NOW!)

1 - After you've done the formula, and getting hit ups, send info. Don't call just yet. To avoid gettin' your ear chewed off with a bunch of questions, qualify your people FIRST. It'll save you and your prospect time. Very important.. Make sure the info you send shows proof, entertains them, and answers everything (the $40, benefits, how they pay, what they need to become a member)

2 - How do they feel? (most important!) They have to be excited about the program. (At least an 8 on a scale of 1-10)

Don't waste time with skeptics & cry babies. Figure out how they feel about the program after they've watched the video. If you're on FB, use voice notes. If they are still excited, ready, and know everything about the program after the video (the $40, bank account, how they pay, etc), all it takes is CLOSING THE DEAL and reeling them in with a quick call. Don't be arrogant and think you're better than calling people to join. People will trust you more this way! I can't stress how many people felt relieved and confident in joining with me to make money and receive these benefits

3 - Once you finally know how they feel about MCA (they like the benefits and are aware of what they're getting when joining) ask to give them a call or schedule a time to call. Don't leave it up to them to call you because they won't, YOU are in the driver seat here... Call them and take them step by step on enrolling and make sure you give them their training and show that you have their back on this. This shouldn't be a whole conversation neither (although you wanna also build relationships), this should take about 10-15 minutes. You gotta understand; people gotta put in their bank and personal info in and this will make most people nervous. they've gotta trust you and the phone is gonna be the best way for them to feel you out as a person. If you don't look and sound legit, you're not gonna make it.

That's it

All it takes is sending info, and once they are ready and pumped on joining, call them up and close em.

Something as simple as using the phone are things people forget to utilize. Don't forget to let them know how great these benefits are. I'm not asking for much, just for everyone to do well. Using the phone after your prospects has viewed everything will definitely increase your chances of landing the sale

MCA all the way

our prospect.