PPC means "Pay Per Click". This form of advertising is simple and really effective, but very costly if you're not doing it the correct way. The two major companies that you want to build your online campaigns with are "Google Adwords" or "Bing Ads"; the two largest marketing companies for your website. Please have someone set up your campaign if you're not familiar with this form of advertising because it could cost you thousands of dollars if it's setup incorrectly. I suggest using Bing Ads if you don't have a large budget. 

Now, to those of you that are extremely serious about earning a huge amount of income, this will be the most vital information for driving traffic. PPC can and will be the single most important tool for large amounts of traffic; second is SEO (can't be done with a duplicated website). You don't want to send people directly to your website, but you also don't want them to have to opt-in and sign a form either. You need to entice them with the idea first. You need for them to come to your website with the knowledge of a system and product that already works. Here's a prime example: check this page out for instance. I drive a ton of traffic to this page. This isn't a "splash page" or "landing page". That page serves to rid the potential associate of all of their worries before they even give the opportunity a chance. Most people fail with affiliate or MLM businesses because they don't know how to market. This is your chance to convince them that Motor Club of America isn't like any other company and they should at least look further into things. We created this section to see how many people would actually read it. Truth is, about 95% of people will never even get to this point in the training guide; those people will either struggle or fail. For the person that is currently reading this (you), congrats on taking your business more seriously. 

What is Adwords?

An introduction to AdWords.

Learn how Google's powerful online advertising tool can help you reach new customers and grow sales.

Step 1 : Create an AdWords campaign that reaches new customers

To start showing AdWords ads, you need to create a campaign in AdWords.

Learn how to build an AdWords campaign that's specific to your business goals with this interactive video guide.

Step 2 : Define your marketing goals

Once you know what you want to achieve with your ad campaign, you'll find it much easier to decide which AdWords features can help get you where you want to go.

 Step 3: Choose your campaign type

The first thing you'll do when you create a new AdWords campaign is choose your campaign type.

Get familiar with the most common campaign types and choose one based on your business goals.